About Us

At Banksmore Financing, everything we do is done with our member’s interests in mind. Our organization only provides the products and services that are needed, and which help add value to the communities and members we serve.

We operate as a not-for-profit that serves only to help our members achieve financial independence and get products that deliver true value. As an organization, we can give our members almost every service that they would ever need from a bank. With Banksmore Financing, you get access to better terms and lower rates.

Any of the earnings we make are directly invested back into the organization. We do this to benefit our members and the communities they belong to.

We are an organization of people that work for our people. Through our community, our members can become financially stable more easily, and without having to pay excessive interest or fees. Our portfolio of products is increasingly expanding to ensure we always meet our member's needs.


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Our Mission

To help our members get easy access to affordable financial services and to be a beneficial resource that offers advice and financial support whenever it is needed.